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Services offered by the Public Agency for Social Services (Azienda Servizi Sociali-ASSB) in the city of Bolzano

immageThe Azienda Servizi Sociali di Bolzano (ASSB) has been created by the municipality of Bolzano in order to manage (directly or by outsourcing) all social-welfare services of the City of Bolzano, addressing through focused interventions the needs of social protection, well being of local population. It fosters the development of full potential of local citizens and supports the definition of positive family/social environment. Furthermore it addresses all the needs which may arise during the whole cycle of life. ASSB receives its financial resources from the municipality.

So the public agency ASSB has a deep interest in integration policies, social strategies and services for the migrant population.

The social integration service of ASSB intends to inform, orient the people, minors and the foreign families in order to favourite their social and labour insertion.

The service offers emergency housing for immigrants, housing for foreign workers, consulence, support of work search, basic information on services.


Are you an immigrant of fixed residence?

Apply to:

Here you can benefit from the service if you need counselling and welfare for families, minors (day nursery) and the elderly; if you need to enrol your child in a day nursery or an infant welfare facility (children of 0-3 years) or if you need financial support for your fundamental needs.

To enrol your child in a public day nursery, you may also apply to:
Family Services Office (Ufficio Servizi alla Famiglia) 


Are you a homeless immigrant?
Are you a refugee/political asylum seeker?
Are you an unaccompanied foreign minor?

Apply to:

Here you can get social welfare and help understanding the local area (reception centres and counselling services for general and specific orientation)

Download INFO (other languages):

bandiera italianaVolantino ''Servizi offerti da ASSB nella Città di Bolzano'' (file pdf, 112 KB)

bandiera tedesca- Faltblatt ''Das Angebot an sozialen Diensten des Betriebs für Sozialdienste Bozen'' (file pdf, 114)

bandiera inglese- Folder ''Services offered by the Public Agency for Social Services (Assb) in the city of Bolzano'' (file pdf, 113 KB)

bandiera francese- Depliant ''Services assurés par le bureau des services sociaux (Assb) dans la ville de Bolzano'' (file pdf, 112 KB)

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Other useful addresses:

Immigrants‘ First Reception - City of Bolzano 

Centro di Accoglienza Migrantes (Reception Centre)

CARITAS and ASSB (Azienda Servizi Sociali Bolzano)
85, Via Roma – Bolzano
Tel. 0471 40 23 12 - Fax 0471 40 48 16
From Monday to Friday (except Wednesday): 8.00 - 13.00
Tuesday also open in the afternoon: 14.30 - 17.30
Reception for non-EU citizens, secretarial and legal support, help with job seeking and orientation for finding accommodation.


Reception Centre for unaccompanied foreign minors

Associazione VOLONTARIUS Onlus
100, Via Roma (red building) Bolzano
Tel. 0471  40 23 38 (contactable 24 hours a day)
Fax 0471  40 49 21
The CPA is a residential structure equipped to receive unaccompanied foreign minors in the City of Bolzano and its Province.


Asylum seekers and refugees

CARITAS - Consulenza Profughi
7, Via Marconi - Bolzano
Tel. 0471 30 43 62 - Fax 0471 30 43 96
Monday and Wednesday: 8.30 - 13.00 / Thursday: 14.00 - 17.00
Counselling and welfare, support in job and accommodation finding for asylum seekers.


Refugee Centre at former Gorio barracks

River Equipe Soc. Coop. / Associazione Volontarius
1, Via Renon – Bolzano
Tel. 0471  40 23 38 (contactable 24 hours a day)
Fax 0471 40 49 21


Reception centre for refugees in transit

Associazione VOLONTARIUS Onlus
At Conte F.J. Forni, in 31, Via Renon - Bolzano
Tel. 0471  40 23 38 (contactable 24 hours a day)
Fax 0471  40 49 21


Women Association Nissà

Via Cagliari 22/a - Bolzano
Tel. + fax 0471 935444
Secretariat: lun-ven 9.30-12.30


Women suffering violence

Anti-Violence Counselling Centre (Centro d’Ascolto Antiviolenza)
17, Via del Ronco – Bolzano
Tel. 0471 51 33 99 - Fax 0471 51 33 98 (office hours)
Helpline 800 276 433 - emergency calls 24 hours a day

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